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2.92mm Connertors
2.4mm Connertors
2.2/5 Connertors
4.3/10 Connertors
BMA Connertors
DIN Connertors
MCX Connertors
N Connertors
QMA Connertors
SMA Connertors
SMP Connertors
Quick Connect adapters
2.92mm Adapters
1.85mm Adapters
2.4mm Adapters
4.3/10 Adapters
BMA Adapters
DIN Adapters
N Adapters
QMA Adapters
SMA Adapters
SMP Adapters
2.2/5 Adapters
SMPMAX Adapters
2.92mm Terminators
4.3/10 Terminators
SMA Terminators
SMPM Terminators
NEX10 Terminators
SMPS Terminators
Cable Assemblies
2.92mm Cable Assemblies
Tooling Accessories
VNA Test Port Cable Assemblies
Quantum computing
Non magnetic RF coaxial connector
Low-temperature attenuator
Filter metal shell
Waveguide to Coax Adapter
Micro Test Socket
Multicoax High Speed Digital Solution
Fixed Attenuators
SMA Fixed Attenuators
2.92mm Fixed Attenuators
Directional Coupler
Power Splitter
Bandpass Cavity Filter
Low PIM Indoor Antenna

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  • WR-10 UG-387/U-Mod Round Cover Flange to 1.0mm Male Waveguide to Coax Adapter
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  • SF Micro Test Socket
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  • 10 pin RF multi-channel conversion module
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SFDPX-0727-43F Low PIM Dual Band RF Combiner Diplexer Somefly SFDPX-0727-43F provide strong RF performance coupled with rugged features. SFDPX-0727-43F dual band combiner combines the 698-2170 MHz and 2300-2700 MHz frequency bands. It can be used at either the DAS or antenna end of the feeder. Single and twin units are available. Features ◆ Wide Frequency Band ◆ Low Insertion Loss ◆ Twin Diplexer, Low VSWR&PIM ◆ High Port to Port Isolation ◆Durable&Long Service Life